Love, Freedom, & the Modern Trail

Every New Year I make a commitment to remind my mind, that self-love is the best love. That this will be the season I learn to flow, live in abundance, surrounded myself with people that move me to be greater, fiercer, more alive. Admittedly, I feel intimidated to begin a new year, so wide-eyed, but change is what I crave and I've never been more ready for unexpected adventure. To explore and live more freely than ever. I still think that it all started with letting my curls loose, but it certainly hasn't ended there.

Now, I'll probably meet this new year with as much expectation as I have the past. I'll over-promise everything to myself. This will be the year I start a savings, find love, let go, build. I'll travel more, think less, read a new book a month, a week! I'll join a book club. I'll also join the gym. I'll even learn to crochet and start making scarves and mittens for all my family and friends. I'll buy a new cookbook and try every new recipe. It's time I start taking life more seriously. . .

Oh, the places your mind will wander when expected to make a list of resolutions. To me, the only thing to actually be resolute about is love, not lists.

It isn't about a new year, getting older, more wise. Time, is fluid and everyday is new. A new chance
to love more, speak your intentions out loud, give back to the community around you, sit in circles with friends and tell them the truth about how much you miss them, admire them, appreciate

A new chapter. Fully spirited with wanderlust and without a clue where this year will take me, I'll just start today by lacing up my new boots, walking from Queens to Brooklyn and back again; my modern trail. Finding small treasures along the way and learning at every turn to stay open and say yes, even to the unknown. Remembering that quality, comfort, and style are some things I'll always want to have carry me. That one boot, when the right fit, goes the longest way. Just like finding the perfect hand to hold.

The boots I'm wearing are a part of Timberland's Ruby Red collection, which features two other styles you can see new york style